Réaction Allergique

Smell good! At a great price! Could it be too good to be true? Yes, it could. If you buy a counterfeit, there are no guarantees on quality or product safety. Instead, you can expect inaccurate product declarations and hazardous substances.

How do you know if it’s fake?

It can be difficult to distinguish a copy from an original, they often look exactly the same. Here are some thinks to keep in mind when buying new products.

The vendor:

Have contact details been provided – e-mail, phone number and address?

The website:

Websites selling counterfeited products often include spelling errors and have poor-quality images and logos. Also, look for a “Safe e-commerce” or “Certified e-commerce” stamp.

Read the terms and conditions and save the receipt:

What terms of purchase are you accepting? Is information provided about the right to return purchases, and about complaints and guarantees? Always save the receipt.

Do not pay in advance:

Preferably pay with a credit card, which provides protection under the Consumer Credit Act, meaning you may be able to get your money back if something goes wrong.

The price:

And last, but not least. Is the price too good to be true? If so, it’s probably a counterfeited product.

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